Summer School on the Langlands Program

Collection Summer School on the Langlands Program

Organizer(s) Pierre-Henri Chaudouard, Wee Teck Gan, Tasho Kaletha, Yiannis Sakellaridis
Date(s) 11/07/2022 - 29/07/2022
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Depending on your point of view, Shimura varieties are a special kind of locally symmetric spaces, a generalization of moduli spaces of abelian schemes with extra structures, or the imperfect characteristic 0 version of moduli spaces of shtuka. They play an important role in the Langlands program because they have many symmetries (the Hecke correspondences) allowing us to link their cohomology to the theory of automorphic represnetations, and on the other hand they are explicit enough for this cohomology to be computable. The goal of these lectures is to give an introduction to Shimura varieties, to present some examples, and to explain the conjectures on their cohomology (at least in the simplest case).

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