Carmin.tv is an audiovisual broadcasting platform for mathematics and its interactions, created in the framework of Labex CARMIN.

The excellence laboratory CARMIN (Centres d’Accueil et de Rencontres Mathématiques INternationales) is a project selected by the Investments for the Future programme of the French government in the category “thematic scientific institutes for hosting world class researchers”. CARMIN federates four complementary partners, 4 world-renowned centres:

These prestigious institutes promote research in mathematics and its interactions with other sciences (physics, computer science, biology, etc.) by welcoming researchers from all over the world for short and long stays and by organizing conferences and schools.

Together, these centres have created an audiovisual broadcasting platform so that the scientific and pedagogical value of the events they organize can be preserved and shared with the whole world.

The platform is equipped with an advanced search tool that lets the users effectively browse through thousands of enriched videos and quickly find the best content for their requests. The platform also proposes thematic collections highlighting topics of current interest in the research community.

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