Combinatorics and Arithmetic for Physics: special days 2023

Collection Combinatorics and Arithmetic for Physics: special days 2023

Organizer(s) Gérard H. E. DUCHAMP, Maxim KONTSEVICH, Gleb KOSHEVOY, Sergei NECHAEV and Karol A. PENSON
Date(s) 15/11/2023 - 17/11/2023
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New Initial Approximation in Loop Vertex Expansion

By Vasily Sazonov

Loop Vertex Expansion (LVE) was developed for the construction of QFT models with local and non-local interactions. Using LVE, one can prove the analyticity in the finite cardioid-like domain in the complex plain of the coupling constant of the free energies and cumulants of various vector, matrix, or tensor-type models. In this talk, applying the idea of choosing the initial approximation depending on the coupling constant, I construct the analytic continuation of the free energy of the quartic matrix model beyond the standard LVE cardioid.

Information about the video

  • Date of recording 16/11/2023
  • Date of publication 22/11/2023
  • Institution IHES
  • Language English
  • Audience Researchers
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