Large-scale limits of interacting particle systems

Collection Large-scale limits of interacting particle systems

Organizer(s) Mitia Duerinckx, Sergio Simonella, and Raphael Winter
Date(s) 04/10/2021 - 08/10/2021
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Understanding Entropy without Probability

By Jakob Yngvason

In 1856, Rudolf Clausius coined the word entropy as a suitable name for what he had been calling the "transformational content of a body". The new word made it possible to state the second law of thermodynamics in the brief but alarming form: "The entropy of the universe tends toward a maximum." Thus, entropy is originally related to possible changes, not to chaos and probability as in subsequent work by Boltzmann and Gibbs.

In the talk, I shall discuss a modern version of this view on entropy developed in joint work with Elliott Lieb. The key concept is a relation, called adiabatic accessibility, between pairs of states of macroscopic bodies. It will be explained how an essentially unique entropy emerges from a few simple properties of this relation.

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  • Date of recording 07/10/2021
  • Date of publication 13/10/2021
  • Institution IHES
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