Kinvi Kangni: Lie Groups and Lie Algebras

Collection Kinvi Kangni: Lie Groups and Lie Algebras

We’ll start with the definition and the main properties of Lie algebras.The particular case, like onilpotent, solvable, semi-simple Lie groups and Lie algebras will be studied. Lie algebras of Lie groups, Cartan Lie subalgebra, Cartan and Iwasawa decompositions and some applications. Representation of Lie groups and Lie algebras; linear, compact and differentiable cases.

Appears in collection : CIMPA SCHOOL "Groups and Lie Algebras, Representation Theory, and their Applications"

Organizer(s) Jean-Bosco Kayoya, Giuseppe Dito
Date(s) 7/19/21 - 7/30/21
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