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Substitutions in non-commutative multivariate power series

By Frédéric Patras

Appears in collection : Combinatorics and Arithmetic for Physics : Special Days

We describe a group law on formal power series in non-commuting variables in- duced by their interpretation as linear forms on a Hopf algebra of sentences. We study the corresponding structures and show how they can be used to recast in a group theoretic form various identities and transformations on formal power se- ries that have been central in the context of non-commutative probability theory. Based on a joint work with K. Ebrahimi-Fard, N. Tapia and L. Zambotti.

Information about the video

  • Date of recording 11/28/22
  • Date of publication 11/30/22
  • Institution IHES
  • Language English
  • Audience Researchers
  • Format MP4


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