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Appears in collection : Algebraic and Combinatorial Invariants of Subshifts and Tilings / Invariants combinatoires et algébriques des décalages et des pavages

We consider infinite interval exchange transformations (IETs) obtained as a composition of a finite IET and the von Neumann-Kakutani map, called rotated odometers, and study their dynamical and ergodic properties by means of an associated Bratteli-Vershik system. We show that every rotated odometer is measurably isomorphic to the first return map of a rational parallel flow on a translation surface of finite area with infinite genus and a finite number of ends, with respect to the Lebesgue measure. This is one motivation for the study of rotated odometers. We also prove a few results about the factors of the unique minimal subsystem of a rotated odometer. This is joint work with Henk Bruin.

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