Conference on Arithmetic Geometry in honor of Luc Illusie

Collection Conference on Arithmetic Geometry in honor of Luc Illusie

Organizer(s) Lei Fu (Tsinghua University), Fabrice Orogozo (CNRS&IMJ-PRG), Weizhe Zheng (MCM, AMSS, CAS)
Date(s) 6/7/21 - 6/11/21
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Representability results for flat cohomology

By Martin Olsson

Let $f:X\rightarrow S$ be a proper morphism of schemes over a field $k$ of positive characteristic, and let $G$ be a finite flat abelian group scheme over $X$. In this talk I will discuss recent representability results for the derived pushforwards $R^if_*G$. Key ingredients in proving our results is the development of a theory of compactly supported flat cohomology and description in terms of the cotangent complex in some cases. This is joint work with Daniel Bragg.

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