CIMPA SCHOOL "Optimal Control and Applications in Engineering"

Collection CIMPA SCHOOL "Optimal Control and Applications in Engineering"

The objective of this research school is to present a wide range of applications of the theory of finite-dimensional optimal control to engineering. First, we will pro­ pose a rigorous introduction to the theoretical basis of the theory with two courses (by F. Chittaro and L. Poggiolini) of Optimal Control completed with exercise sessions. Then, we will propose sev­ eral courses devoted to some applications of the previous courses to some problems in engeneering. The first course (by E. Busvelle) will be concerned with the construction of feedback syntheses in connection with problems of observability and with applications for example to optimal driving problem or energy consumption of a car. The second course (by J.-B. Caillau and 0. Cots) will fo­ cus on numeric resolution of optimal control problems in aeronautical and aerospace mechanics. The third course (by J.-P. Gauthier) will be devoted to the motion planning problem. All those courses will include computer sessions.

Organizer(s) Simon Derkee, Francesca Chittaro
Date(s) 3/29/21 - 4/8/21
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