Analysis on fractals and networks, and applications / Analyse sur les fractals et les réseaux, et applications

Collection Analysis on fractals and networks, and applications / Analyse sur les fractals et les réseaux, et applications

The general objective of the conference is to bring together a diverse group of established and young researchers to discuss recent advances in and applications of the analysis on fractals and networks. The main general themes of the conference are : * irregularity in pure and applied mathematics, science, and engineering * analysis of networks; * applications involving fractals and irregular shapes.

A clear emphasis will be put on theoretical and numerical methods oriented towards applications in engineering and the sciences. Experts from applied mathematics will report on potential industrial applications, prototypes, and – where possible – existing use cases. Although theoretical aspects of the field are relatively well-developed, there is a huge demand for corresponding numerical methods. The connections between colleagues working in theory and colleagues working in applied mathematics need strengthening. The conference will be the first to address these connections specifically. Its particular objective is to provide a stimulating ”cross-cultural” platform, where experts working on theoretical aspects can become aware of questions arising from computational problems and experts working in applied mathematics can obtain an overview of the variety of existing theoretical concepts and methods. The expected impact on an international level is increased activity in joint international research projects, academic visits, funding applications, and workshop activities involving experts from applied and pure mathematics. Our goal is to foster a vibrant international research community with a clear focus on the use of fractal models in applied mathematics, engineering, and the sciences. The conference is a key initial step and the first of a series of conferences dedicated to the topic. On an educational level, the impact is generated by involving young researchers with brand-new research questions on fractal models in pure and applied mathematics. This will also channel local impacts through follow-up activities such as student exchanges and internships at theoretical and applied research institutions.

Organisateur(s) Hinz, Michael ; Lancia, Maria Rosaria ; Rozanova-Pierrat, Anna
Date(s) 18/03/2024 - 22/03/2024
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