Symposium "Open questions in the quantum many-body problem"

Collection Symposium "Open questions in the quantum many-body problem"

This conference will be of a particular type, with a prospective aim: in the spirit of the Solvay congresses, it will emphasize on open questions more than on results, through long presentations (each speaker will be entitled to 90 minutes on the blackboard, without projection) and plenty of time for discussions. Therefore, we plan only two presentations in the morning, one presentation and a group discussion session in the afternoon. Conference proceedings will be published with open access, in order to leave a searchable and referenceable trace, able to guide future research, theoretical or experimental.

In the field of the many-body quantum problem, the conference will cover a wide range of systems (from cuprates to cold atoms via spin liquids and dissipative quantum systems), in the presence or absence of disorder, with short or long range interactions, with topological properties or not, etc. A wide range of methods will be presented, analytical (effective theories, mathematical physics), numerical (diagrammatic, Monte Carlo) or experimental.

Organisateur(s) Carlos Sá de Melo (Georgia Tech, Atlanta, USA) and Yvan Castin (LKB-ENS, Paris, France)
Date(s) 08/07/2024 - 12/07/2024
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