Mathematical models in ecology and evolution

Collection Mathematical models in ecology and evolution

Organizer(s) Vincent Calvez, Florence Débarre, Jimmy Garnier and Amandine Véber
Date(s) 3/21/22 - 3/25/22
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The motion of hybrid zones (and how to stop them)

By Alison Etheridge

Joint work with Mitch Gooding and Ian Letter.

We consider hybrid zones maintained by selection against heterozygosity at a single bi-allelic locus. In previous work, Etheridge, Freeman and Penington (2017) considered the case in which both homozygotes are equally fit, and the population is distributed across Euclidean space. Here, building on the thesis of the second author, we are interested in the case in which one homozygote is ˝tter than the other. We are particularly concerned with the interplay between the motion of the hybrid zone and the shape of the habitat, asking, for example, what happens if the population passes through an isthmus, and how this will be a˙ected by the strength of the genetic drift.

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  • Date of publication 6/24/22
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